SSA Scammers

321-248-1483 – Olivia White does not want to come over and party with me. But I told her how sweet she was she got upset. One of the scammers, John McLeish, told me I was a bad person for talking about her that way. Gee, I am so hurt. Coming from a liar and thief, I am so ashamed. And of course the rest of them are the usual nasty. One time they answered as a Federal Grant thing.Oh, they called me back on 628-219-1654,

On one call, my husband said THIS IS SANTA CLAUS! Why are you bothering me. Hohoho! and the guy actually said sorry wrong number.

I told them that it is actually the Drug Engforcement Agency not the Drug Enforcement Administration and they hung up

stays in dial … Ring forever more

@JusticeinTexas#158570 Gee, the Scambitch got upset? You don’t say.! Stay tuned kids we are on the case (heh, heh)

@MQ9#158575 Oh, yes. I don’t understand why she does not want to come and party with me!

@bravo1#158571 Sometimes they say SSA, too. Idiots.

@Draco#158574 I am talking to them now. Keep trying. I have called so many times that they just don’t answer for a bit but they come back.

@MQ9#158575 They are pissed. They do not like me talking to her that way. Ohhh, boohoo.

@JusticeinTexas#158579 We got the bitch good! Spoke with her politely and followed along. When she asked for the SSN team member asked her “Hey do you have big ti*s?” She goes Whaaat? and freaks out

@MQ9#158580 Good for you. She is having a bad day. Of course, she has been listening to me abuse her all day!

@JusticeinTexas#158570 Altercation with Olivia white badge SSA445127

Today April14th bitch


469 629 2613 direct line Rajive Mathur