SSA scammers (310) 421-4293 Fresh number

They left a. Voicemail saying there a warrant out for my arrest, call back at (310) 421-4293, same number that showed up on my caller ID… I’m sick of these bastards, please let 'em have it!


[“Fresh number… (310) 421-4293 They answered on callback”,"SSA scammers (310) 421-4293 Fresh number… "]

Here’s a transcript of their routine:

The Department of Social Security Administration has failed legal in Forstmann actions on your social security number for fraudulent activity we need the clearance certificate from all 4 departments I.R.S. D.S.S. and F.B.I. when you get this message call back on our department number before we begin with the legal proceedings that is 310-421-4293 I repeat 310-421-4293 thank you.

Please lemme know when you hook these Indian bastards up.....

Scammer is still hot, got a call from them.