SSA Scammer - 443-351-3717

443-351-3717. Nasty Scambitch answering. Call her!

@MQ9#155558 Got a really dumb guy who could not comprehend my hispanic name and I had to repeat it four times where he found it hysterical so I asked his name and he said PETER and I said wow I could have fun with your name and then I did.


Asked if I am Ms Bailor … I said yes I am … I dunno … Asked zip code . suspicious activity … Sam Davis badge 9503 … last 4 digits dept treasury financial crimes dept of narcotics … Texas 21 banks accts wire transfers money laundering …asks if money on me at home …yes. 250…2nd officer won’t give name oh …it Kevin Williams … Ha Ha he was like you are a suspect I e as no I’m not … He says let me speak you can’t speak right now … I said yes I can its called freedom of speech … He was ok I know you have freedom of speech bit u cannot right now … Yes I can … it called America … Lets song national anthem together . he says u sing first … Why you don’t now it … You sing it first​:rofl: I sung America the beautiful 1 sentence of it … Why u stop … That not our anthem god your dumb he look OT up 1​:laughing::laughing: tried sing. All wrong …looked it up … Haha that was fun