SSA Scam

I got a robocall 1 minute ago from 213-338-5740. I didn’t listen to the message fully, but it the beginning sounded like they were trying to scare me into contacting them by saying ‘action’ had been initiated against me.


Been talking to these guys for over an hour. Pretty much your typical SSA scam but it was kind of weird they wanted my license plate number after I told them I was driving. Then he told me to get a “protect” card. I can’t find what that is but think its some type of prepaid card. He eventually resorted to google play (almost as if he was going to do that all along). He is having trouble verifying the numbers :wink:

TextNow number for Officer Ron 8607807414

Man, that is great to hear. I’m Indian myself, and it pisses me off to no end to see these morons disgrace the country like this. If you’re running short on time and want to end a conversation quickly, tell them your last name is ‘Qichut’ and your first name is ‘Terryma’. When the scammer reads back the name to you, he’s just insulted his own mother in Hindi. Used it to great effect today. He raged.