SSA Scam & Amazon (844)-572-4221

Scam Number: (844)-572-4221
Scammer’s Website or Email: SSA scam & Amazon
Additional information about this scam: SSA Scam currently answering the phone and they start of with bank fraud…


(803) 281-2994

Another line for their scheme, I am talking to the bank now too for ‘fraud’.


ask for diljut from the ahmedabad call centre thats what he told me his full name when i asked for his surnmame again he hung up … number (559)-332-4195

FTC guy, he sounds salty, like maybe I woke him up or something :thinking:

(202) 900-7993


lol he wont take my calls now after i said stop scamming lol

i have been trolling them for 20 minutes straight with better call saul

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