SSA Scam 855-680-0697

This is a strange one. I just spent 26 minutes on this toll free line wasting the time of the call screener who refused to scam an old man who no longer works. He was freaking creepy, though. Asked a lot of questions, so I told him lots of tall tales. Finally he said, enough! So I said, why stop now, let's talk some more so you can hear your dirty self on YouTube. He wanted me to give him my YouTube channel. So I gave him 6 popular ones, and said one of them is mine, and keep watching everyday until you hear your own voice. Hopefully I will waste more of this time.

I received the robocall from them on June 11, 2020 around 5-something p.m. I called back a few dozen minutes later, but no one answered.

@jaymee#143216 Keep getting a femscammer who seems to want to be anywhere but there. It’s almost like you have to drag the script out of her. And the least little bit of button pushing gets you a hung up line.

Got thru couple times think they blocked me it rings once hangs up or it says you made tp many calls in short period of time … waited 5 min … But one number down 1855 680 0696 is another tech scammer … Piece of shit … Started asking me for my phone number … Scum of the earth :angry: