SSA Scam 844-572-1697

Scam Number: 844-572-1697
Scammer’s Website or Email:
Additional information about this scam: They’re baaack …


Please note - this Social Security Administration “office” operates only at night (India Time Zone), and and the best way to reach them is before noon in the USA.

Have fun.


Axtice now

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Talking to an Indian female. 100% SSA scam. Ana Wilson.
Saul Baranson.
Wants me to send cash by FedEx
Callback Ana Wilson 915-264-1394

Hmmm. I guess they know who I am??? The minute I talked the woman over the phone said “f**** you Jordan.” I have a feeling these people were also running the Geek Squad scam a couple days ago lmfao.

(844) 572-1697 Active. Girl answered

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On the phone now, Roy Miller sounds defeated :sob:

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this is their phone provider
hey investigate this company

I think they’re actually supplying phone numbers to scammers and claiming they’re not hosting these phone numbers

I was talking to the guy he got pretty nervous when I was asking him questions


Yes they are back. Classic SSA script
Liza Moore and Saul Branson (Naga)
Location: Mumbai, India
Today’s video