SSA scam - (818)532-2800

Worked for me as of 20:00 GMT, particularly well put together script with case numbers and officer badge IDs.

Will accuse you of money laundering and drug smuggling on the Texas-Mexico border. Something about finding a vehicle hired out in your name with blood inside it to. At least someone there has a sense of humour.

Will ask you to withdraw all your available funds from your bank account by driving to the bank while still connected. Didn't have a soundboard, so revealed at this point.

@LukeEdwards#151437 This is the standard SSA scammer script. The only variation they seem to make is the year of the car and the location of the apartment and the case number which is usually DC7010. This number could not be verified on any number I called. So sorry. Keep scambaiting! :wink: