SSA scam 609-829-3354

SSA scam 609-829-3354

Indian scam “officers” : Meghan Kelly, John White and Bryan Snyder

Badges 719035, 781264 and DMC71052

Warrant 278692

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Meghan Kelly aka Meghan Bailey

old # (325)453-0786 SSA scammer Megan/ Meghan

FTC post megan fake employee # IRM 231276

This is what a Social Security scam sounds like | Page 84 | FTC Consumer Information


My Fiancie got a call on 09/16/2019 from a phone number of (325)453-0786, With a woman having a very (strong accent). saying his bank account would be seized and a car rented in his name was parked at the border of Mexico with Drugs in it, and that he would need to get a $400.00 google play card to fix the problem and a warrent was out for his arrest she also told him her name is officer megan employee # IRM 231276 a guy called before her saying his name is David Scott employee # 38017. When she heared me in the backround getting mad saying i’m on the phone with local police and F.B.I she was telling him your not at the store your at your home!!!

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(she is among the oldest IRS/SSA scammers
(501) 222-1800 e
Callback 210-399-0497

a SSA Megan Wilson Kevin HuseA by Nigella Blum | Free Listening on SoundCloud
b SSA scam Megan Wilson B by Nigella Blum | Free Listening on SoundCloud
c Megan wilson C by Nigella Blum | Free Listening on SoundCloud