SSA Scam - 6/11/2021

(229) 715-7369 Active. Scambitch answering!


I called them. Scammer told me that it’s a scam and didn’t wanna scam me. She said that she likes to quit her job.

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Damn rang 4fishing it

ADD: ssa 406-299-1184

1 ring

ADD: 262-288-5748 SSA

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Active; been wanted to talk to a SSA Scammer for a while.

Thank you!

Active 2021-06-11 T 11:25 EST (262-288-5748)

trolling … :rofl:…or not … he asked when i got call then hung
Johnny brown officer … Badge 741085 … Alice
Phallus TROLLS… :rofl::eggplant::eggplant::eggplant:… Texas

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Number block
2622885748 down to 5744 I’ve confirmed are various scams. Norton, cancellation department, SSA… call center running multiple scams


Yes !!!

Because SSA would call you from Montana

2622885748 has been terminated, likely temporary only as they went down too fast

Out of service. In fact non of them work.

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Still on a call with the SSA; 2021-06-11 T 11:42 EST - the (262) phone number.

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lots of other scams in that neighborhood of phone numbers :slight_smile:


ADD NUMBER: (956) 335-6506

Direct Connection with SSA Scammer. Asking me to text my driver’s license to him. Going to attach Grabify link.

2021-06-11 T 11:46 EST


He wants you to text him at the 956 number? Cannot get it to answer because he is on the phone with you Haha. Gonna text him myself!

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Still trolling 900am … 30 min in … Alice trolls him still
Active … 262 288 5748… talking about safety locker … voucher

Wow are they jumpy! So dumb. I JUST received a call. When did you receive a call?

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Change # … still trolling … :sweat_smile:… 40 min in :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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