SSA scam (518) 551-2278

WARNING notice sent to me by SSA scammer

"coustdy" "Lean" ======

This is to notify to Aryana
That we have expelled the resolution option given to you, and proceed with the legal action for falsifying and misleading the investigation officer incharge. As per the early protocols stern action will be executed for voilating the united state code 841,707,849,859-861.
Lean of property by pressing US code 152,marke as dispute/bankruptcy asset.
In next 45 minutes the police department will come to take you under coustdy and deport you to Texas for court decision within 4-5 dTays

@drwat#157828 damn didn’t leave a number dumb bemchud

WTF ? I want a letter :joy::laughing:

Off to the Lone Star state you go… under coustdy and through the deport with yo ass!

Textnow number