SSA Scam - (478) 276-8835

Active at 5:00 PM EST.

They will explain each and every thing.

Source: Bob

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Now it’s 1 ring drop. The Bob Effect acts quickly.

I have 13 SSA #s all in the same area code (that’s one of them) I’ve been slamming all afternoon. Almost all are down now


Dang, pass some working ones this way! @Genesis



Called at 11:er d’ call back # Kevin Miller and Peter Black (also Alisa and Jennifer Jade

Call back 786-766-5374
Audio SSA Peter Black Kevin Miller Aisa by Nigella Blum | Free Listening on SoundCloud

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Excellent troll @drwatt!

SSA scammers have “smoke tests” they perform during their calls to determine if you’re a scambaiter or an actual victim. Here are some tips I’ve come up with to pass their tests so you can get as far as you can wasting their time:

  1. When the “agent” opener tells you to write down their badge ID, your case ID, warrant ID, etc., actually do make a note of them. Why? Because one of their first tests will be to ask you to read them back. If you didn’t bother to write them down, they’ll know you’re messing with them and hang up.

  2. Create a complete fake identity including an SSN, address, DOB, etc. Have the basics of your character’s life story planned out so when they ask you questions, you don’t sound like you’re making them up as you go. Answers for things like where you bank and your account balances, what kind of car you drive, who lives with you, etc. should all sound realistic.

  3. Make sure your fake SSN matches your fake location and age. Scammers use sites like to validate older SSNs and make sure they match the state and date issued. You can create one here:

  4. When you create your fake address, use a small town address that isn’t visible on Google Street View. For your sake, very small towns are easier to become familiar with on Google Maps so you can sound confident answering questions about where your bank and local stores are. Some scammers tend to check for scambaiters by quizzing them about their area (they use Google Maps as well). No need to go crazy, just be prepared to know where the nearest Walmart is.

  5. Scammers sometimes ask for a picture of your driver’s license. If you’re handy with Photoshop, create a fake driver’s license photo to match your fake identity. An excellent alternative to Photoshop is the web-based Photopea. Make it appear as if it’s laying on a table, slightly askew, and blur it a little. Looks more realistic.

  6. Having fake/already redeemed gift card numbers ready will add bonus time. :laughing: Target, eBay, Google Play, etc.


Hey hit this 832-861-0073


I insulted all of their families repeatedly in the dirtiest ways and they laughed but as soon as I said “quit shitting in the streets and buy some toilets” they were furious and blocked all of my numbers


I can’t them to answer … But HA HA

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Kek nicely done NoLife :joy:

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When I get to the point of sending them pictures I always send them pics of dead cows and large penises. For some reason they won’t talk to me after that

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At this right moment