SSA scam (478) 276-8751

Scammer’s Number: (478) 276-8751
Domains Used:
Extra Info:SSA crime location Atlanta, Georgia
Fake Hanah Smith badge CA4685631 case 6931, seniot James Smith SSA74363


Got a rude femscammer on the line. Nasty. Hannah Smith, SSA971, CA7956342. Wow, very very touchy.

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Called a few times. I’m starting to get an “all agents busy” message.

Same here…Hannah Smith location Mumbai…dealing with her for one year

Just had one tell me the FBI has been following me for a week. I asked her if the were in the UK and France. SHe said they followed me. I said are they in Spain right now because that is where I am calling you from. She had no answer so she reverted to herself and started swearing at me. Such an escalation. I can imagine these people swatting someone out of revenge. This sounded scary even to me! Next time I hear this I will say that I have been in the hospital for two weeks so are they here too?


Rings once, and hangs up. Gonna fish around a little bit, see if they have another number near the posted number.

Tried from 8740 to 8760, and it seems like 8751 was their only line.