SSA Scam - 469-257-3930

Number from the recorded message: 469-257-3930

I haven’t hit them up yet - need more coffee. Have fun.

On the phone now​:grinning:…typical scam …gonna suspend my social :grinning: …nothin about Texas or 22 pounds of coke … Says on recorded line … Went to bank info right away

@Draco#139345 On with them now as well - Jesse Parker is handling my case. I think I heard the guy talking to you in the background :wink:

@Otis#139347 ha :grinning: probably

Oh yeah my name Mary Broccoli :sweat_smile: …didnt flinch :joy::joy:

@Draco#139351 I got transferred to a Mr. Mark Benson. Went into the usual safe guard wallet crap, guys showing up at my house with my new SSN, certified check to reimburse me for the cards, etc… The whole time he was talking, I was typing up a storm on the keyboard - loud enough so he could hear me. I had him explain the procedure a couple of times because I was confused as to why all that was necessary. Then I did the transfer to my offshore account thing. Not sure if he grasped what I had done though - as I told him that I had already secured my funds and he could go ahead and freeze the account. He asked “You want me to freeze the account, are you sure?”. I told to go ahead as I had already transferred the money out - so he replied “Ok, if you want me to freeze the account, then I will. Have a nice day” and then the bastard hung up.

Grrr... What about my SSN? When are the guys coming to give me my new one? WTF? I tried calling back but it just pops into VM at the moment. I'll let them cool off a bit and give it another whirl - I don't want to be left out in the cruel world without a valid social security number!

One ring hang on one😅 VM on the other

Blew their phones up. No answer now. :joy:

Haha hope we blew them up … hope they had give this number up … :grinning: … Gonna try again later this afternoon


@Draco#139356 One ring hang on one😅 VM on the other

Yup - I can't get through either... now it's just ringing forever on me. I did get one call in a while ago and asked for Mr. Benson. They guy said he was on break! I asked what I was supposed to do about my SSN being suspended. He said "Don't worry, your SSN will be suspended and your accounts frozen - not to worry". then hung up. Grrrr..