SSA Scam - (443) 329-5990

(443) 329-5990 - Active SSA scammer. Scambitch answering. Call her!

@MQ9#153443 Nasty bitch - Sophie Jones (AJ17759). She don’t mess around - one wrong answer and you are in VM hell because she doesn’t have time to waste on you. Call her back and she has already forwarded all the paper work to the proper authorities to suspend your SSN and have you arrested! Oh my. I predict she is way too high strung to last more than a few hours at her current pace.

@Otis#153445 Otis - we had her wound up before we did the first post. She doe NOT enjoy being exposed and goes berserk. Easy to find her.

@MQ9#153451 One ring hang up now…

One rung hang Damn

RIP - (443) 329-5990. She will be back on Monday. Stay tuned…

I talked to Sophie Jones in April:

Sophie Jones AJ17759 DC0034 Call Back 410-413-3745

April Phone: (360) 233-2161

co-scammers Jasper Jordan

Jessica Tolman, Mark Davis , Kelly

David Smith, Edward, Cyrus , Fernandez s, Thomas Prevoznik, Michael, Andrew Hall