Ssa scam 4092918255

Dept of chutiyas 4092918255

@Scambaiter956#97783 Had a pleasant conversation with nut head “Officer Brown”. He seemed too proud of himself to be scamming people in the USA. And because I have a real job, I’m supposedly only doing it because of “the government”.

An SSA Scammer Gets Put In His Place : Mobie Baxter : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

@OutboundOperator#97845 Holy crap!!! Well played! This just shows how pathetic these morons really are! And they do NOT value their lives nor anyone elses lives.

@OutboundOperator#97845 fkn filthy scammer

@Scambaiter956#97850 It amazes me how they can get away with it, literally. They have no respect for themselves, people, or life itself. The disrespect they have is just disgusting.

@MisterKoolAid#97858 very very disgusting that why i don’t buy when they say they’re gonna leave that job n all that other b.s.

I called this number and talked with officer Brown also. He is going all the way with me. I gave all fake information and he went through the whole drug, money laundering, etc. with me. he started asking for who I know, banking info, investment info. I am nosey so I’m playing with him HA. He’s supposed to call me back

Called them and when i told them my SSN they called me a pussy and a bunch of other names