Ssa scam 401-216-8033

Scammer’s Number: 401-216-8033
Domains Used:
Extra Info: Mumbai “officer” wants “validation gift cards”
Robocall from female with male name Larry Wrigt

Trolling :joy::rofl:yippee … Alice phallus trolls …:cucumber::cucumber:

Case DMC 1911443 … officer Susan core badge SC84996 same stupid script

Call back 912 999 0561

Another # same Mumbai scammers (701) 314-2280

Long time Indian “Megan Wilson” scams here. very obscene female. Also fake Benjamin Alpert and Eric Wilson.
Location Mumbai


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(701) 314-2280 hoarding Alice phallus trolls again :rofl:

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Hoarding the living shit out of them … They hung up on Phyllis Dillar :laughing::joy:… Fished 2289-2278 nuthing … Damn hoarded them good.:laughing:.

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2280 worked for a bit, but after I made my rounds through the scammers, they no longer answer.

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It was nice to meet you when they threw us in the conference call together :joy::joy::joy:


Get new numbers fr this scammer. Google search these words in quotes
" one of the associate attorney I tried to reach you but unfortunately we missed your answer currently I am the in-charge of your proceedings "

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