SSA scam 315-616-3456 callback 915-267-2060

Scammers fake names Senior Steven Whittle, Robert William and Russell Johnson

@drwat#154052 Screened by a Mr. Roy Miller. Man, can this guy take abuse and just keep on rolling! I tried for 10 minutes to get him to tell me who issued my arrest warrant and was completely clueless. First couple of times, he just launched back into the script about due to suspicious activities. “No, WHO issued the arrest warrant”. Then he said it was for my name. “Dipwit, I didn’t issue a warrant for my own arrest - tell me who did”. Then he said it was by some members of the superior court. That went on for about 20 minutes, and I was seriously insulting his intelligence at almost every point. And… I NEVER did get an answer as to who issued the warrant. So I finally let it go and we continued on. I had this joker on the line for over 45 minutes. I refused to tell him how much money I had in my bank account(s), where exactly I lived (since I had no address linked to my name), was elusive as to how many vehicles I had (1 car, 1 motorcycle, 1 plane and 1 bicycle), and anything else I could think of to give him a hard time. He kept at it though, and I eventually got passed off to the Senior DEA dude.

So Mr. Cole Carter (senior DEA dude) gets on the line and jumps right into the script. And we get hung up on the how much money I have in my accounts. It was hard enough for him to get that I had accounts out of me, but there wasn't any way he was getting actual amounts! After about 20 minutes of going back and forth, I told him "Ok, ok, you said you don't want exact amounts but just estimates - ok, I have a little more than $1 in my checking and a little more than $1 in my savings - that's about as good as you will get as I'm not very good at estimating". We also went round and round about my address that he didn't have. Asked if I got SS checks every month since I'm retired. Told him, yup, they come to my PO box every month. He asked if I lived alone and I told him I did, and didn't have any living family nearby. He tried everything he could to wedge the info out of me, and insisted that they could find me if they wanted to. I just laughed and said that the IRS man had been trying to find me for at least 12 years and hadn't yet - so they better be a bit smarter if they think they have a chance!

He eventually wound up putting me on hold so he could talk to his higher authority at the court hose about the issue and how to resolve it. Kept me on hold for about 5 more minuets and then the line dropped.

In total, I had them online for about an hour and 20 minutes give or take. Now I gotta call back and ask why he hung up on me ;)

@Otis#154057 Love the IRS men … looking for you.

Dialog between Ms. Malika Sulaymann and scammer “officer Steven Whittle”

“prove to the court, your money is hard-earned”

“Sir, I rob banks”

“You are on a recorded line”

“Sir there is value to humor”