SSA Scam - 2/5/2021- Friday

(423) 251-8729

(619) 407-9053

@MQ9#177286 They want your physical address so badly because they want to threaten you. I give them a PO Box a lot.

@MQ9#177286 619 asked a 72 year old woman to suck his dick. Kill these people!

@JusticeinTexas#177295 Death Dildo on the way! Stay tuned!!

@JusticeinTexas#177295 Give them the KKK headquarters address…

@MQ9#177286 Then told a 19 year old girl she was a whore just out of the blue.

@MQ9#177296 Ask them why they called your sister a whore or why they said that to your grandma.

@MQ9#177286 423 number are really idiots. Insist on calling me by my first name and when I say I am not a Miss but a Mrs. they always say OKAY MRS. I just want to strangle them because they are so stupid.

ADD: 903-329-9319

Attorney General / SSA A variation to the script

ADD: (206) 350-9172. Officer “Ray Robinson”

@drwat#177304 @MQ9#177305 One of these creeps even said he was a son of Jesus! After he said he wanted to F me. It is all they talk about and all they think about. I feel sorry for the women in their lives, if there even are any.

@MQ9#177305 RIght off the bat for no reason he (206) called me the c word.

@MQ9#177305 I want to lick your pussy. Golly, they are on a roll today!!! But do not say anything about their momma!

@JusticeinTexas#177307 We have been slamming this number non-stop so they might be a little irritated.

About 903-329-9319

Horrible! The first thing the scammer tells me that I wll be arrested right now
Also a charge that I never paid a loan

@drwat#177314 Today is horrible people day. For reals.

@drwat#177304 About 903-329-9319

They are fake law firm

They never pick up the call but call you back. Leave one or two message expressing anxierty, they will call back and threaten with immediate arrest.

ADD: (202) 963-3727. Answering now. Scambitch and others.

202 953 # loop 7464

@drwat#177318 @MQ9#177309@Draco 202-963-3727 Idiots!