SSA scam 18882330427

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From: TERMINATION%20ALERT%20USA763HJFsi231 [email protected]
Date: Thu, Sep 7, 2023 at 10:02 AM
Subject: A mail from SSA SSA-69176670

Attention Dear! -

We deeply regret to inform you that your Social Security number has been temporarily suspended due to the discovery of suspicious and illegal activities during our investigation.

This case ID warrants your immediate attention. (CaseID: SSA-69176670)

To ensure effective handling of your inquiry, kindly state the associated Case ID when contacting our Investigation team.

We strongly encourage your active participation and cooperation as your assistance is necessary to promptly solve the case.

We wish to convey our sincere appreciation for your outstanding support.

Thanking you


I’m waiting to see how other calls go on this one. I’m not ready for another 2 week long scam bait.


most likely same gang


I should call and ask for Ray Watson, lol


I don’t blame you one bit @Tillianne! It taxes the brain for sure. I’ve only got through once and the call usually drops after pressing 1. The phone was terrible and his engalish was so bad I gave up.


Ray Watson’s phone line was so horrid, it was hard for people to hear, but his English was excellent.


I was talking to SS Officer Victor Brown, badge ID: SSN63690. He was going on and on about my criminal warrant in Texas and then I got disconnected. :open_mouth:


+1 (888) 233-0427
I only have a small window of time, so I am calling to harass 'em as I do not have time to bait.
Yes, it is hard to get through because the majority of the time the call drops after I press ONE.
Finally I got through. The guy who answered did not say his name.
I started mocking him and ridiculing their ineptitude.
He seemed more surprised than angry. He protested and said I have called Social Security and that he is an official Officer, blah blah blah. I continued to laugh at him and insult him.
Next thing I know, Chief Officer Saul WhateverLastName was on the line, so I must have been transferred to Saul or this Chief Officer Saul took the phone from the first guy.

Chief Officer Saul WhateverTheLastNameWas was VERY severe and strict with me. I of course ridiculed and mocked him, using of course a few choice epithets. I included insulting his mother of course. He continued to act like he was the Chief Officer and inform me how serious it is to harass the Chief Officer. I continued to give him a hard time, employing what is admittedly the most UNCOUTH and GROTESQUE language both about him and his mother.

Chief Officer Saul WhateverTheLastNameWas SNAPPED! He freakin’ lost it! He started screaming so loudly that I thought he was going to have a stroke! He was yelling in English so fast that I could not understand much of what he was sayin’. I did understand clearly though that he had a meltdown.

I do not think these particular group of criminals are used to being harassed. They seem haughty, supercilious, and arrogant.

A woman answered another call of mine. I asked her name since she did not give it when she answered with only her spiel about having reached Social Security Administration. She said her name is Tiffany. She got pissed off! She did not seem to appreciate the uncouth language I was using.

A different woman answered but did not say her name. I asked and her name is Jennifer White. I told her I received an email. She asked when. I said today, 07-SEP-2023. She asked me my name. I replied that my name is Pavol Grus. She asked me how to spell it.
I said P as in Punjabi … CLICK, she hung up immediately! Ha!


I was able to call over and over, but they are a nasty lot.


When I finally get someone to answer, when the last three calls (two with different women, one with a man) were answered, each did not say a personal name. I asked politely what the person’s name was and then there is silence and in a few seconds either the person hung up or the call disconnected.

Okay fine, I will stop asking for a name! I only got a little bit of time left today to harass 'em, so if I can get through again I will NOT ask for a name. I guess an American who wants the name of a customer service representative, including at the Social Security Administration, is asking too much!



They didn’t want to play with me.


Had scammers on line twice. The first was on for 20 mins Nancy Berryhill wanted to know how many cars, houses, bank accounts and money in the bank account. I was quickly transferred to the DEA when I told her I had 2.9 mil in the account. Once on with DEA the call went south into swearing in Hindi he was shocked!!!

Second call lasted 18 mins same questions called ended when I said I only had $4,000 in my checking account.

I’m now blocked on all burners darn….