SSA scam 1-888-345-9751

Civil Complaint Against You Scam (2022) - Scam Detector

This number claims to serve papers on behalf of the company in interest of serving me..This message is intended for ...... my name is Stacy burger and I'm calling in regards to some sealed legal court documents that require your signature. You're gonna need to make yourself available immediately with two forms of ID and a witness to sign off on these documents. Any questions or concerns regarding what you're signing for I would suggest you contact the filing party at 888-345-9751. Refer to claim number 571414.


when i called they asked if i was eri(c)ka duran and they gave a birth date last 4 digits of social and said there was an outstanding balance on a flex shopper card this seems pretty legit

Hilarious how much info they give about the person they are calling about. Such a red flag. Told them I was Erikas husband and proceeded to act like she came home and I beat her to death for making all those purchases. I told them go ahead and take it to court since it looks like I’ll be in court soon anyway.

Called back and connected the lines together and started to learn their names, Joey, Lindsay, Andrea, and one other guy. Told Joey I was "james" in the other cubicle just goofing off and he was looking for me!

Then just kept calling poor Lindsay saying that I was Joey and that she needed to tell Andrea to delete the Erika profile because she's an FBI agent

Hi my name is Ryan Gallager @716-507-9414 I like big juicy ________ who will give me a good time please call me or stop by 4 Kennedy Street Buffalo NY THIS IS NOT A SCAM