SSA low wattage lightbulb scaremongers (844) 954-0179

I doubt they’ll resurrect the number, the same as many every week who try this same crap. They are picked up on area scans quite often but this one was a gift, they made a mistake and emailed the wrong bastard.
These were dealt with and smashed into oblivion before 9.17am est this morning.
They sent the traditional looking typical SSA letterhead threat email notification which ended up corrupted and lost.
Not that it mattered anyway, the numbers are the only things that ever matter anyway and this one was safely stored into the weapons of mass disruption.
They played the game and lost by sending their shit to the worst of the worst they could ever blast their mindless crap to.
They tried in vain for the next 25 or so minutes to stay online and hoped for at least one real call amongst the barrage of calls no victim was amongst.
The realization it was a lost cause for them and their entire grand plan for the day had gone to shit before it even began.
They were very official sounding too, under the authority of the inspector general, El Paso, Texas in their delusional bullshit.
They honestly think they’ll prevail in this proven lowest percentage success rate ageing scam script…not a chance! :grin:

8449540179 SSA

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Carrier has been identified as Inteliquent, a Sinch company. The number is active, but the agents are not accepting calls at the moment, otherwise I would’ve deployed the Lennybot.


It stayed active menu like that all day but they didn’t answer since well before 10am eastern.
They got tens of thousands of calls throughout the day to try to call the nonsense caller ID’s back in search of a non existing victim