SSA Impersonation Scam - (915) 320-8457

Scammer’s Number: (915) 320-8457
Domains Used:N/A
Extra Info: Connected to the (317) 342-3189 number posted by @Draco. I was on the phone with them via the 317 number, when it suddenly disconnected. Called them back on the 317 number, and it rang once and hang up. They called me back a few minutes later on the 915 number, and it was the same fembitch scammer. Picked up right where we left off.


2:33 PM Central I am on it, BurnonyouScammers! I hope I get the bitch Haley that @Draco was tormenting!

Oh, this 915 320 8457 is a TextNow number and I got the generic voicemail machine. I left a nasty message for Haley about how she is bringing shame and dishonor to her family and ancestors, and about how at some point in the future Karma is going to f*** her in her dirty a** as a result of her criminal behavior.

My feelings are hurt. I finally got a chance today to try to combat scammers and no scammer wants to talk to me! :cry:


Haha good job! I’m on the closer Christian Davis, who was stupid enough to give me a call back number of (879) 444-5446. :rofl:

Haha! @Burnonyouscammers is puttin’ the hammer on the closer! I like the SSA closers, the SSA senior agents, because they are so arrogant and smug!


Blew my cover, time to bring on the pain using 5 lines. :rofl:

Haha, BurnonyouScammers! Go for it!

I am uninstalling my TextNow so I can install again TextNow and get a new TextNow phone number. I am going to click this time to get an area code that is not from the area in which I live. I have had the now “old” TextNow number for quite awhile.

Dude just log out and log in to like this kinda email [email protected] and password : skxkfkfkfkfk like that …

If u do it to much you get to many requests and won’t let u log in I spam them out between a phones … :sweat_smile:


I couldn’t get through to any of these numbers but the 915 one at least let me leave a message if I wanted.

Yeah @Draco, I just got a new TextNow number. I had to create a dummy email and password that I will not use in the future! For this new TextNow number, my name is Alyosha Karamazov. He and two of his brothers are characters in the novel The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky.

I am guessing that I do not need to worry that a scammer might know this character from this particular novel from the 19th century.

They don’t know ANYTHING😂however
Get this I used Charles Manson as reference to possible suspect … And they scammer knew who he was he was like I should research on Google
Before I use name like he was all smart and we laughed at him and said the joke is on u pal I trolled u for 45 min … It woulda been longer if I didn’t blow it with Charlie boy😜

Okay, I was on the phone with the “Visa and Mastercard Fraud Department” and this is the first verbal contact I have had with a scammer today! I get rather grouchy if I do not get in some daily scam baiting/harassing!

Yeah, I am not gonna try to use “Charles Manson” as my name. BUT that is still a great idea and I am glad you mentioned it to me! I am going to use “Tex Watson” as my name with a scammer! Actually his real name was Charles Denton Watson, Jr.

I could use Leslie Van Houten and if they say I do not have a woman’s voice I will say that I identify as a woman. I could take the same approach using the name Patricia Krenwinkel. I could try to use Susan Atkins but she died in prison, but maybe a scammer would not know she died or was a member of the Manson family.

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I use the name Ulysses S Grant and they don’t even get that one. Geez.

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Haha! That is another great idea, @ecw06471 !!! There are many names of U.S. Generals from more than one war to use!

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