SSA/DEA Scammers 2019 Script & Tactical Deviations For The "Chutyia Madarchode"

Fresh list of SSA numbers this A.M. Consider it Breakfast in bed :slight_smile:

Fake Social Security Administration & Drug Enforcement Agency 7173168412 Fake Indian Social Security Agent, DEA Agent and two more Indian Scammers throw their headset because I forgot to load up my "car honk" sound bite. The fake DEA agent incorporated some interesting tactics. @19:00 and a few other instances he blended in Hindi curse words and phrases to test my reaction.
In review their script seemed slightly improved, different in that "associated accounts & addresses" were believable. These hood-rats have the million dollar script but can't deliver the material properly to guarantee a secure return from their potential victims....yet.

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Nigella Blum
1 day ago (edited)
Right at 19:00 the SSA scammer calls you MadarChod.
At 28:40 the scammer tells the co-scammer in Hindi: Bhosdie Kaa, Chutia Banaa Rahhaa Hai Hum Ko!
(son of a whore, he is making fool of us!)
Case of "Identification Theft" Inspector Clouseau Clumsy
Watch Francines call to these fraudsters here;
844-444-3144 (Comments: 5)
Received this message at least 4 times now. Says the license key to my computer is expired.
214-509-6597 Allen, Texas (Comments: 8)
same message left with me as well asking for SS# and criminal action.
347-741-8805 South Richmond Hill, New York (Comments: 5)
robo call from IRS saying to call them saying they have a case against me. Not a true caller from IRS
202-738-1699 Washington, Washington, DC (Comments: 6)
They call you and tell you tour SSN is under investigation for fraudulent activity . Do not respond , block number and report them .Scam , Harassment be aware .
612-467-9114 Twin Cities Amf, Minnesota (Comments: 11)
He is a (terrible) fraud/scammster located out of PAKISTAN. He uses google phone to fake an American Phone Number to rent apartments he doesn't own. Watch out for his ads on Craigslist (who are dragging their feet dealing with the issue, because they...Read more
214-731-4711 Carrollton, Texas (Comments: 5)
Received this call this morning: Hello This call is from Department of Social Security Administration the reason you have received this phone call from our department is to inform you that there's a legal enforcement actions filed on your social sec...Read more
805-395-4582 Cambria, California (Comments: 10)
Just received a call from this number stating they are calling from the IRS and that there is a file against my name and that I could pay to get out of trouble with the "Cops". Complete scam
347-741-8805 South Richmond Hill, New York (Comments: 6)
IRS scam.
214-509-6597 Allen, Texas (Comments: 10)
Automated voicemail saying to call back before they start legal proceedings, and to have a nice day. lol
02086387734 (Comments: 5)
"get ready to face the consequences" Brilliant. Automated message from so called HMRC. Obviously a SCAM - ignore it.
Please watch this video on youtube here;

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