SSA benefits (800) 925-9367 "compromised"

Scam Number: (800) 925-9367
Scammer’s Website or Email: tba
Additional information about this scam: I did not get any notification but found the number on numberguru. I called and he found my info right away, said my benefits will be placed on hold and he NEEDS all my banking info.

I found no duplicate posts, he is answering as of 4:44 PM EST


Ringcentral number, blocked my Google Voice number as it’s “associated with robocalling.”

My friends on Discord did confirm this was in fact the “Department of Ass Ass Eh.”


I called and gave him a bunch of fake info, he’s phishing. Then I asked him if he enjoyed stealing money from the elderly and disabled. He never got vulgar, just kept playing dumb. Good luck using all that fake info I gave you!


Good day. We are sorry for the inconvenience. This is a confidential call from Social Security Administration office pertaining to your social security benefits. Your Social Security benefits has been placed on a PhD hold from the past 48 hours. You are not approved for your benefits will not receive your deposit for these upcoming months and for the following year until you have the issue resolved. You will now be provided with your unique case number about this issue with your benefits provide only to the social security agents. For further information. Your unique case number is ****. Again that is ****. Contact the Social Security office now at 1-800-925-9367 that is 1-800-925-9367. We are open to serve you from Monday to Friday 7:30 AM to 8:30 PM


We have terminated the number.