SSA Bakrichod Department (210) 794-0585

Had to call 3 times before I got through, but never the less works. Found it first on Bob:

(210) 794-0585 is a SSA Scam

Pakistanis…one of the fake officers is “Clay Jason”…badge 945956…case id: DC56879. Miserable benchods nonetheless. While both countries may have tensions they share a love for scamming the west. Lets hit em hard!

:sweat_smile: trolling him well got 15 min of him … Called back twice bad connection … Me. Amelia Twat my name today :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::smiley::joy::joy:

@Draco#140413 I’ll deal with them later

@TheSpartan18#140415. Have to keep switching numbers tho … Same number it goes VM


… Well… fun while it lasted … They are real stupid obviously​:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::joy::joy::joy:

Reported this number to the presumptive carrier, Peerless Network, through their voicemail. I don’t have much hope that anything will come out of it.

Officer Jim Davis was in such a big hurry. Their phone must be ringing off the hook. At home. I heard residential noise in the background.

DEA Officer Jose Pedros won't talk to me in Spanish, because he said it is a recorded line and he is not allowed to speak in any other language but English. But he is fluent in his mother tongue, Español. Yeah, right.

He had me withdraw everything from the bank, except for the minimum balance. I ended up with only $9,000 because the bank required me to fill out a lengthy form for withdrawals of $10,000 or more. He was OK with $9,000. I was instructed to take it to Target and buy 10 Target Gift Cards of $900 each. It has been over an hour on the phone with both these clowns, and when I got back from Target and got in the car, Officer Pedros told me FU and hung up. So I promptly called back, asked him what to do with the gift cards. He told me to fold the cards, pull my pants down, and shove them up my ass. He must have realized that I was just pulling his leash all along. I even told him I'll take the dog with me in the car, just in case my real dog barked while I was "driving".

@jaymee#140478 That dog part is hilarious. Today they were much more paranoid, I got transferred to 3 people from them until the last lady caught on. I tried to speed them along and get to the drive part, that’s usually when I put music on and workout. Its nice to have an extra person there with you :))