Ssa 918 420 3443

Got this call on 1/19 on my text now number on 3:41 pm central. Standard robo message saying legal trouble is headed your way if you do not call this number.

Called and got a real live Hindi scammer. He wanted to know the last 4 of my social, when I gotten the call, and that there was criminal activities in the state of Texas. So it turned in an SSA scam.

Said he was officer David Thompson, badge ID SSA 7010, case ID DC8025. The lines are federal recorded, all that jazz.

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@Scamtheman86#174819 He also sent a text from 346 296 2269 asking me for a pic of my drivers license.

UUUUGH so many​:rofl::joy:

@Scamtheman86#174819 hey dude hit this one 619 369 2408

I got a scammer at 619 369 2408 on Jan. 19 at 5:22 p.m. EST. Very vulgar language. Will upload it shortly.

@josephnormandgrinnell#174844 hey Joe :blush:

@Draco#174847 Draco: Thanks for updated number. The call was short but real fun.

Scammer Michelle dropped the F-Bomb at (619) 369-2408.

Call To Scammer: Social Security Scam, Scammer Michelle Drops F-Bomb, (619) 369-2408, 1/19/21 - YouTube

@josephnormandgrinnell#174850 trolling again …:rofl:… 619! # … She’s dumb. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

@Draco#174853 She is pretty nasty.

David Thompson active again as Amazon / bank / FTC
co-scammmer Peter Garcia an Michael Carter

When I called just now, I got a message that said, “this number is being investigated for fraudulent activities.”


Hear fake FTC guy Peter Garcia scaring me

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He was a real piece of crap!!