Ssa 2818461534 8082015230

Sometimes hard to get them to answer. They did call me back when I left a voicemail using my TextNow number. Tell them you recieved voice message. If they ask if you received a case ID number, say no and that I just got a message regarding my social security.


@Aimas#148371 The 281 number answered right away. I used my Texas burner and she then asked if I had ever been to Texas and I said No. RIght over her head. The 808 number does not work but goes to VM no matter what number I call from.

@JusticeinTexas#148381 they must have blocked all incoming calls. I kept calling the number back trying to get them to bite again.

@Aimas#148401 What these idiots do has no rhyme or reason.

I’ve been getting through for the last hour. On one of the calls, the woman scammer gave me a call back number. I then called it and it was a guy with a New York accent that said he got scammed earlier today for gift cards because “he has a record and was scared”. That made me so mad. The bitch gave me the # of one of her victims. She said her name was Mary Perkins btw.


@IOwnScammers#148408 Nothing they do surprises me. I have been texting and emailing with one for four days. He thinks I am a blind girl on SSDI and Medicare. He loves me and wants to marry me. I told him I would send him 500 bucks to get a temp visa and he could come and marry me and go back and I would sponsor him. Bought it hook line and sinker. Fake pictures, love letters, etc. I got his address, real phone number and jaymee inserted a link from Grabify so we have his real location, too. He thinks I am sending him money. I sent a love letter and a fake cashiers check to his address in India. I hope he takes it to the bank!! He thinks if he tells me he got his visa I will send him $5000 to come over. If you want his real address, let me know. A lot of others are sending him all sorts of stuff in the mail so if you would like to join in the fun, let me know.

Ha hit hard​:smiley::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::joy:

God, they are so scummy. “Mary Perkins” told me to write that victims # on a piece of paper and put it in my mouth and swallow it so I wouldn’t lose. I insisted that putting it in my wallet would be a better idea. She then started to cuss me out, telling me “F*** Trump”(to which I agreed with lol) and said all kinds of sexual things about her private parts. It got really weird basically.

Another scammer even asked me how much money I had in my savings account which I know is a common thing to ask but still is an odd thing to hear said.

When another scammer told me the part about the 22 lbs of cocaine, I said, “It’s not a big deal really. It’s not like it’s heroine or meth, it’s just a little nose candy.” I had a lot of fun baiting today. Haha.

Anyways great job catfishing him! I would love his real address actually. I could have a lot of fun with that.