Ssa 262 267 6771

Scammer’s Number:
Domains Used:262 267 6771
Extra Info: fished number :rofl::rofl::sweat_smile::joy::joy:… SSAnumber
from Doc


Eric foster badge kb1357
Case tx58147 … Texas … What do drive what
kinda of wehicle… I drive a ice cream truck :rofl:
Alice Solvay trolls today … She is the owner of
Chateau Des Amerious … The dark castle in Belgium


2nd officer Ken Richardson DEA badge
RDE 812881 El Paso TX

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Doesn’t answer now. They answered once out of the numerous times I called, and immediately put me on hold.

Nasty stupid femscammer who asked all kinds of personal questions and very testy. Hung up on me when I asked her name. I AM AN OFFICER. I said what Officer Rundi?

Hit up 262 267 6769​:rofl::rofl::dolphin::fish:number

Call back 737 404 4465 … SSA… TEXTNOW

GOt some idiot who said a special officer was coming for me to F me. So i got all excited and said I love police cars and actual made siren noise for 9 minutes and 34 seconds while he said foul things to me. He finally gave up.


When they get raunchy, I just turn off the speaker so I can’t hear them and tell them all off the different ways I’m going to sodomize their mothers. :rofl:

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Managed to get through one more time, told the fembitch I’m gonna find her and hate fuck her. LOL :rofl:

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I like to put on a televangelist voice and demand they renounce their rapist ways and to stop molesting their sisters and younger cousins


Rings but busy tone after 15 seconds.

2021-06-09 T 18:08 EST

I so Hope you have that recorded