Spooked scammers

Scam Number: 888-894-4234
Scammer’s Website or Email:
Additional information about this scam: Spooked the call center. They are in sector 5 Kolkata India. I told them we can see them through the security cameras and they freaked out!!! Number is still active so keep calling them. I heard a few victims in the background


I called once and I mentioned Kolkata and they immediately hung up and I tried calling them back a bunch of times but it just keeps ringing :cry:


Norton scam Kolkata scammers IP


DHT Nodes Associated with IP 16713 50122 16966 14339 17243 23175 20072 35527 26936 29717 60556 3908 38811 25762 41956 468 24382 20653 65106 15604 54376 27110 50000 40823 46963 50303 38403 42335 6474 31048 47966 3557 51406 9704

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Use text to speech and play scary message recording their IP and phone number, we’ll say we’ll report them to the police

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Update: the call center made zero dollars today. Great job team!


I’m talking to one of the guys via textnow and he said we were calling too much today and they shut down :laughing:


I’m doubtful they’ll shut down for good, but great work :slight_smile:

haha"evil laugh"

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Dagnab it, I paid for an MP3 of Joe Piscopo’s “Honeymooners Rap” (“Norton! Norton!”), and I can’t get “Jim” at the call center to listen to it with me. I’ve tried three different numbers, but he doesn’t stay on the line for even a full minute. I think he hung right up on my last call, even though it was from a different number. :smiling_imp:

(888) 894-4234‬ active

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ty bruh