Spectrum Scam

Scammer’s Number: 855-654-8801

Trying to phish for credit card details and a Spectrum security code. C

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On Monday I waste an hour with Spectrum scammers from India

Scam Number: (855) 654-8801
Domain Used:
Extra Info: Impersonating Spectrum, the American cable TV and internet company. Deliberately targeting senior citizens promising a ridiculously low rate of $99 for television, internet, and home phone. The scammers end up phising for three things: social security numbers, a credit card number (to pay a supposed $10 fee to FedEx for delivery of your new cable boxes) and your four-digit Spectrum security code, which allows them to make changes and charge things to your account.

This is a call back number for the scam being operated by one or two scammers, presumably in case the call got disconnected, although the scammer tells you that you need to call this number from now on anytime you have an issue with your Spectrum service and ask to speak with them. They will ask you which Spectrum agent you talked with. Ask for Frank.

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Still active as of this morning.