Spanish Email Scam

Email sender: Mrs.Tiffany William [email protected]
Email title: ES: HOLA EN: HOUR
Body: ES: Soy la Sra. Tiffany William y es un placer conocerte, vi tu perfil y quiero discutir un proyecto interesante contigo, espero recibir tu respuesta para darte más detalles. Saludos, señora Tiffany William EN: I’m Mrs. Tiffany William and it’s nice to meet you, I saw your profile and I want to discuss an interesting project with you, I look forward to receiving your reply to give you more details. Regards, Mrs. Tiffany William

Reply-to email address is [email protected].

Thank you for your reply, first I want to apologize for intruding on your privacy, I found myself in a situation that I couldn’t avoid. I am Mrs. Tiffany william from France, but my husband is from Canada and we live in the UK. I lost my husband on August 16, 2017. Meanwhile, I have been suffering from heart cancer for a long time and my doctor said that the current stage is uncontrollable and I have a few months to live and this is the reason why I am writing to you now because my heart has chosen you and I am glad to find you here.
Before my husband died he had a contract with the British government for $5.7 million but death took it away from me before the money was sent to my bank account, my husband was a benefactor before his death and encouraged too. help the poor, because since we got married we haven’t been able to have any babies. Due to my health, I sent $2 million to my hometown (Canada) and deposited $70,000.00 in the hospital for my treatment.

I trust you and chose you because God appointed you to redeem our people, through you we achieve glory and a lot of healing in our country because I can’t do this charity on my own because of cancer. I would like to send the remaining $3,000,000.00 (Three Million Dollars) to you so that you may help me give it to the poor and widows there in your country as instructed by my late husband as we had no children. to inherit this money.
I wanted to give this money to the less privileged people out there through you, thank you for your interest in my situation and I pray that God will give you a good heart to deal with this project with sincerity because I will not be there watching you for this project or you know how to spend the money, but God will be there to see you, you should take 40% of the total funds are for your personal use and the rest is used for charity.

According to the doctors and the result they gave me, I was diagnosed with heart cancer and it is killing me gradually, I can’t even stand or walk on my own without the help of a doctor or an anchor and that’s the main reason while I called you because I can’t do the project on my own, please don’t allow bad friends or Family members trick you into using all the money for yourself because the consequences will be on you.
I want you to send me your personal data like your full name, full address, phone number, photo of any of your ID and tell me what kind of business you are currently doing, I will contact my bank manager to find out the best way to send money to you in your country. Dear, please keep this secret, don’t tell anyone about this money until you receive and save the money, this is my address 168 Southborough Lane, Bickley, Bromley BR2 8AL… I need your full name, home address and phone number.

Thank you very much dear, I have seen your information, may God bless you as you gave yourself to help the mosques, orphanages, poor widows and I hope you will not disappoint me because I believe in you very much. I need you to understand that whoever works for God also works for himself, God bless you, but I will contact my bank manager to find out the best way to send you money in your country and I will contact you as soon as possible. possible. as I heard from my bank manager.

I have concluded with the bank manager and he have arranged with a Diplomatic company that can deliver the fund using a diplomatic means, thereby bringing the money to you in a box, like traveling boxes but with diplomatic coverage, in that case it will not be search at the airport and the diplomat will deliver it to your house address or any address that you will provide.

The delivery company said that you don’t have to come to the airport
because they will not hand the fund to you on the roadside, their agent will come to your house address and hand the package over to you. All the agent needs from you is to give him your right location when he will call you so that he will come to your house and hand the package over to you. He will give you some documents to sign so that the delivery company that sent him will be sure that the package has been delivered.

Hello my beloved.
How is your health today? I want to inform you that the delivery agent has started coming now 20/11/2022 to reach your country on 21/11/2022.

Please don’t turn off your phone because he will call you or send you a message on whatsapp immediately when he arrives at your country airport. I will be waiting for your message when he arrives at your home.

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WhatsApp Image 2022-11-07 at 02.03.30.jpegWhatsApp Image 2022-11-07 at 02.03.33.jpeg

I have cleared all charges from here is only the local charge in your country that’s all

My love the company will call you by tomorrow morning when you get to your country if the company call you by tomorrow please try your best to make the payment to them so that they will deliver the luggage to your home okay i love you so much

I tried to contact you through the numbers you sent to Mrs. Tiffany William, but it doesn’t seem to connect.
My name is Robert Joseph Douglas from Swift’s courier service and your luggage is here, but the luggage was withheld by officials of your country. Please try to make the payment through the account I sent to Mrs. Tiffany William. I will resend you the same account information, to enable me clear the luggage and proceed to your destination


Bank Name: Randolph Brooks Federal Credit Union (RBFCU)
Bank Address: 1600 E Court St, Seguin, TX. 78155
Account Name: Matthew J. Batey
Account Number: 236785021
ABA routing number: 314089681
Domestic Wire Transfer - 314089681
International Wire Transfer as FFC to RBFCU account in the United States - 314089681

Am patiently waiting for your reply

This message was sent to by the diplomat he said he tried sending it to you but is not going through.