Someone who can hack facebook accounts?

I don’t know if anyone here can but i need someone to do what the title says.


For what purpose?

@R34P3R can help.

This isn’t yahoo answers, but just get them to open a rat or file with an exploit in it.

What Kind? Scammers Facebook accounts?

Yeah, I can help. Add my skype: reaper_259

@R34P3R#5636 Hey umm i dont want to be bothering you but i really need help on something i added you on skype if its ok

@HardNinja#5716 It’s no bother.

@R34P3R#5718 Just came along this site and u claim to hack fb accounts? Maybe i can learn something from you if you would like to. Can i add u on skype then?

@Exile_artist#5796 Sure

Okay, nice i will add u soon then

@R34P3R#5801 R#5801 can I also add you on Skype

@retromills#5828 Anyone can.