Some recent change to code?

Hi everybody!
I haven’t looked at posts really that much, aside from the ones I’m following, in the last few days. However, tonight, I found that when I click on a category it is no longer possible, with my computer’s screen reader, to view posts in any category.
I used to just press the keyboard shortcut to navigate by headings, and my screen reader would scroll to the next heading, which was always the title of a new topic. Now, it throws me onto some table that seems to show my profile information, and i can’t get to any topics. If I’m following a topic, and I go through that topic’s notification, I can see posts in that topic, but that’s it.
I’m using a mac, and have tried in both Safari and Brave, if that’s helpful to anybody.
PS Not sure this is the best forum for this, but it seemed as good of a spot as any. Feel free to move if appropriate.


I hope this can get resolved for you, I’ve let the site owner know.

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ah, sorry for the inconvenience. We did update the look of However you can still switch back to the old theme by going to your preferences settings and select interface


Excellent!! Thanks so much!! :slight_smile: That’s all sorted now.
I’m sure the new look is amazing, it just completely breaks accessibility for viewing topics for some reason.

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