Some basic questions for a beginner

Hi, there

First of all I’m glad to be part of the Scambaiter community, I’ve watched for hours now Scambaiter messing with scammer.

So there are my questions:

  • I’m french, living in France, so what solution should I use for calling scammers (VoIP phone, app on my phone) ?

  • What VPN do you guys use ?

  • Should I focus on “French Scammers” (mainly north africa I guess) ?

  • Is there any other French Scambaiter here ?

Thanks for reading this far !


Hello and welcome!

Probably the best places for calling scammers right now is with Textnow, Google Voice (although I think they’re shutting down?) Could be wrong. And ofc, BobRTC. I personally use Textnow for most of my calling, but that runs into a few problems such as needing to keep your numbers so you can get placed on lists, when you’re blocked you’d need another number, which can chew into how many emails you have laying around. Other than that, it’s pretty simple to use!

As for VPN, I used to use ExpressVPN before they got bought out, and I was recommended Mullvad VPN by my good friend Nope (Team SDS founder)! It’s about as good as they come, simple layout, lots of servers, and rarely has any issues. Getting it is a bit tricky, but pretty easy to figure out.

You should also focus on whatever you are best at, or have the most fun with!


I suggest baiting scammers who target France and UK (Close time zones)
Many Kolkata (India) scammers target UK victims


Welcome to the community :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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You right, lucky me indian scammer target also people in UK, as my character is a french guy living and working in london :sweat_smile:

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Apparently You can’t register during the WeekEnd, wait and see

It’s not available to my phone, maybe country restriction, I don’t know.

I will check that, thanks, I think i need to install it on my host PC, am I right ?

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Thanks, I hope I can Start scambaiting soon :grin:



@Fallency4 Welcome to the community! Great advice from other posters. You may want to add TalkAtone, TextFree, TextMe and FreeText apps for more numbers. If you use Android (or an emulator) InfiniteCall is a fun app to have in Your arsenal.

Welcome to the club @Fallency4 :blush::+1:

For calling, use TextNow, Google Voice, or BobRTC for phone calls

For who-is (finding IP’s), click here

For call flooding, use Auto Dialer Expert. It has its own phone system. It’s a bit of work but the app is pretty decent for an autodialer. An Android device or emulator is required for this app. You can use BlueStacks or Nox for an Android emulator. I suggest using both if you really want to cause a glitch in the scam call center’s phone system. Also, any Android device works great with the app too. If you got one, use Android emulators and an Android device.

Another I would recommend is Infinite Call. It’s easier to use but doesn’t have a phone system. This one requires a cell phone, but if you got Auto Dialer Expert, you can put this app to good use. You can use Auto Dialer Expert as your default phone system and use Infinite Call as your autodialer. Every autodialer requires a phone system in order to autodial


I speak to UK scammers all the time. Feel free to drop me an email & I will share my discord details to which I can get you properly started on calling others

[email protected]

Thank’s a lot

I, thanks a lot for the informations, but somehow, i’m not able to register to BobRTC. I get this message instead:

Account not accepted

We’re sorry, but our screening process determined that the information you provided has flagged your account as a risk. We don’t accept new accounts under many conditions, but these are some of the common ones that might prevent you from creating an account with us.

  • Registration is only open from 7am to 8pm EST/EDT Monday through Friday.
  • Your email address is similar to a known scammer email address.
  • If you are using a shared Internet connection, another person at the same IP address as the one you are using has not completed a registration.
  • If you are using Windows, you might have been using a Windows license key that was not purchased from Microsoft or a licensed OEM.

Hope is not lost. We are still accepting new account requests, but yours didn’t pass the smell test. You are welcome to submit another request to us.

I’m sure that all the points are OK for me, I don’t know

That’s strange… Hmm…

A lot of people have had issues registering for the new version of BobRTC, I suggest reaching out to their support team. Other than that, Welcome!