Some Active IRS Numbers for 3/22

I just tried all 4 as of 1:00 PM and they are all readily accepting calls.

12028038732 (STILL active from yesterday)
12099622450 (Last call I made they answered as "Social Security Division", but still, scammer)
14694809801 (Sometimes takes up to 20 rings or more for them to answer)
18007050129 (They have been on and off today, with a voice mail active when they are not)

Have fun!

Looks like the 2450 number is down (“call rejected”). All others though are open for business

Edit: 8732 number is now giving me a "voicemail has been disabled for this extension" message. Why would an important organization such as the IRS not allow me to leave a voice mail when being threatened with arrest? ;)

9801 is out XD I got the message from Verizon that it’s not in service

and 0129 just kept on ringing XD