Solar Scammer

559-343-9256 fuck them. Almost scammed my mom.

Can you provide more information? What were they selling or asking for?

Green World Pro seems to be the company, per the voicemail. The voicemail box number is 33333. I did not leave a voicemail.

Likely company behind this number is
1 star rating on Yelp

The biggest complaint is that they call people multiple times per day from various numbers to try to get through.

@reportingscammers007#29448 They closed down this past March - or at least stopped operations using the “Green World” name. Since this particular brand of scum - telemarketers - are unqualified to do ANY THING else, I have no doubt they are now using a different name. That said, they’re probably still working - I mean scamming - in the same general area of Orange County. It is now my task to find them.