So my dad fell for a tech support scam

I’ve warned him. But the pop up came up on his screen and warned him to immediately call a number and locked up his computer. He’s old and not at all tech savvy. He called it. Gave his credit card info. Let them take control of his computer and they installed God knows what. They told him they were from Microsoft, from California, and gave him an English sounding name, and needed to install a firewall because hackers had his info. I don’t know what they’ve charged to his credit card. Worst yet… This is the second time in the last few years this group did this to him. Anyways, the number they gave him is no longer active, but I have their new number. I did call them and spoke with someone who was clearly Indian but gave me a white name. The number is 1-844-496-1526. They apparently have a website,

@The_marked#32547 man I’m so sorry this happen to your dad. Hopefully he canceled his card and can get his computer cleaned. I am going to give this number to some friends and we will get their info if we can.

Thanks buddy. For what it’s worth I called and laid into them. I told my dad to change his credit card info. Hopefully I can get there soon to format his computer.

They have a warning message on their page stating

Due to technical issue, our toll free number which is 1-844-496-1526 isnt working. However, in case of any issues, you can always mark an email us or call at 1-888-668-5888
[email protected]

@reportingscammers007#32552 I saw that too. I talked to one for about 23 minutes and he admitted he was a scammer and asked me what was I going to do about it. So I told him I knew his location and stated what it was and he hung up

@ThatWhiteGuyNamedLeroy#32554 you know it’s funny, they talked to me for a long time too even after I called him out as a scammer

so now i have them in scammer jail, their phones for the number 8886685888

will ring continuously for the next 4 or so hours.

@The_marked#32555 Yea, they give out massive cussing battles.