So dumb you can actually scam them

Classic tech support scam, no impersonation.

Warranty number you get after you buy: +1 (855) 821-7302
Number on site: +1 (909) 342-7074
Others (I have been called back from these):
+1 (438) 794-0756 (Michael Ross)
+1 (910) 719-9108

WHOIS privacy plan is being used.

Make a snapshot before he connects onto your pc.
Won't charge you unless work is done.
Play along and provide fake information like credit cards etc and they won't check, they'll do the work for your pc.
Try to get the worst VPN possible to slow down your internet connection while hiding your identity, thus
wasting more of the technician's time.
Once you're done wasting 1.5 ~ 4 hours of the technician's time, they will try to charge you. Just play dumb and give him ANOTHER fake credit card.
Change numbers, go back to the snapshot you've made.
Rinse and Repeat.

Happy scambaiting! ?