SMS spam/scam: Cadbury chocolate car wrap/decal

Received an SMS yesterday that is likely a scam.

This time, instead of a phone number, the supposed sending party was an email address.

Not sure if the address was spoofed or hacked though. I have not included it but can provide if needed.

Sounds like the “car wrap” scam.

Body of text:

CADBURY CHOCOLATE will pay you $400 a week for driving around with our Cadbury decal on your car, truck, bus, or SUV. To submit your submission, please fill out the form below..

Full name
Address including street&apt #,city, state & zip code
Car/Truck/Van/Suv model
Phone number.

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Would be handy if you can share the number, with evidence of the scam.


I have another report of this scam from someone else. These are american scamm tho, so be careful.

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Just got this today lol

[email protected]



For driving around with our 3M decal on your car, truck, van, SUV, or bike, CADBURY CHOCOLATE will pay you $450 every week. There are no mileage restrictions, and the Decal is simple to remove without damaging the paint of your vehicle. In a week, I made $450.
To get started, please supply the following information.

Your full name:
Address including street& apt,city,state and Zip code
Your contact information:
Model of Vehicle:

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I received the same SMS about ten days ago. It sounded too perfect for my situation. So I filled it out and sent it back.

I received a response which detailed a check amount and how I was procede. I am waiting for another response from them.

This is another car wrap scam. Found the info on the Federal government web page. Also FYI so is the car wrap from Aquafina water

Ive had the same notification and it’s asking for personal info, such as my address and city

Please share the number and the evidence of the fraudulent activity

Ive had a Cadbury Chocolate campaign send me a check and ive also had “autozone” reach out to me and try to get me to wrap my car as well


I got the scam text today for Cadbury

First of all, welcome.

Do you have a screenshot of the message, or could you maybe tell us its contents?
The number of the sender would also be good, if possible. :slight_smile:

I received the same message!