SMS Banking scam

Phone #: (907) 342-9345

Text message:

Link: </s><e>

Works with any input in the form.

You should put the number in the post. @iChutya#6752

Name Yan Lee

Address 155 Wellington St W

City toronto

State Ontario

Country CA Canada

Phone +1.4168523259

Fax +1.4168523259

Private no

List of domain names registred by [email protected]

R34P34 You also live there,meet him.

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Ontario is a large providence. Also, if you are going to post a Whois please only include important information because it causes clutter.

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@ParodyGordon#6773 The address in the whois is where the RBC building is located.

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@iChutya#6785 But he can go to each and every office right?

He means that it is where the actual RBC is.