Small Email Scams List

Email sender: Mr.Viktor Zubkov [email protected]
Email title: URGENT REPLY
Body: Good Day,

I am Mr. Viktor Zubkov an investor and a director with Gazprom Russia.Considering the current economic sanctions melted on Russia by some European countries and United States of America which is seriously affecting us now, I’m soliciting for your consent transfer Sixty eight Million Dollars ($68M) investment funds deposited with an American bank into your personal bank account for investment and also to escape confiscation by USA Government. Please respond back for more details.

Yours Truly,

Mr.Viktor Zubkov
Chairman of the board of directors Gaz prom

Email sender: [email protected]
Email title: I look forward to hearing from you soon

We invite all interested project owners and investors to our Project Financing/Investment Programme, on a 2.5% interest rate per annum on long term investment projects that can generate up to 10% ROI within the period of investment.
Kindly revert back for details of your personal/corporate loans concerns.
Sincere Regards,
Hamed Abdullah
Senior Consultant

Email sender: [email protected]
Email title: We need a response

Further to our previous correspondence last week, your account is still overdue for payment. We would respectfully remind you that you have exceeded the trading terms for these outstanding amounts and we would be grateful to receive your remittance before the 1st of July.
If you have any questions or concerns, or would like to discuss payment plan options, please reply this mail


Sarah Quilter

Operations Accountant

07855 415612

Email sender: [email protected]
Email title: Hello

I am Mr Thabo Mbeki the former South Africa President. Sir.
In confident can I Invest a total of $150M in your company. Please if interested this should be 100% risk free and there should be a total confidential transaction. Please let me know if you are interested. More so you will be required to come to South Africa to sign the payment with my bank in which I’ll present you as an Investor. Iam waiting to hear from you.

Mr Thabo Mbeki

Email sender: [email protected]
Email title: Team GeekSquad

Your new membership is expected for recharging today, so as you have chosen for auto debit service, your services will be resumed shortly.
The same annual plan fee will be processed today $ 389.99 + taxes from your account funds or nominated payment details.

Online Order Details :-

Reference no : RW-92514986L
Date/Time : 2022-07-01

Product details : Geek Squad Network and Internet Security Services
Product code : RDT-740352
Price/unit : $ 389.99
Taxes (VAT) : $ 35.99
Order total : $ 425.98

The bought items and administrations will be conveyed in like manner with the agreements distributed on our site and concurred for your request.
The subscription will remain active for a year unless you cancel/void the charges, till then the same fee will be applicable on your account every year.
For more data about your request, you can contact us at +1 (888) 551 7615

Best Regards

Laurâ Hernandez
The Billing Teãm Manager

(Thank You So Much)

Email sender: [email protected]
Email title: Hello friend

My name is Reem Hashimy, the Emirates Minister of State and Managing Director of the United Arab Emirates (Dubai) World Expo 2020 Committee which has been postponed to October 2021 to March 2022 because of the Covid-19 pandemic.
I am writing to you to manage the funds I received as financial gratification from various foreign companies I assisted to receive a participation approval to the coming event. The amount is $44,762,906.00 United States dollars. But I can not personally manage the fund in my country because of the sensitive nature of my office and the certain restriction on married Muslim women.

For this reason, an agreement was reached with a consulting firm to direct the various financial gifts into an open beneficiary account in my name with a bank where it will be possible for me to instruct the transfer of ownership right to a third party for investment purpose; which is the reason I am contacting you to receive the fund and manage it as my investment partner. Note that the fund is NOT connected to any criminal or terrorist activity.

On your indication of interest with your information to include your name, your phone number and contact mailing address; I will instruct the consulting firm to process the fund from the bank to your country for investment purposes.

Reem Hashimy.

Email sender: Elizabeth Lyons [email protected]

We noticed that some prize remain unclaimed and your email ID appeared to be among the lucky winners who have not filed for the claim of their award prize.

Your email ID won during the Mega Millions International Lottery, Megamillions, Monthly Play, Thunder ball, Hot picks which is an internet giveaway program whereby email addresses extracted from the internet, and the winners selected from a ballot draw.

Note, that tickets are not sold anywhere for this program; hence, your e-mail address subsequently won you in the 3rd category, i.e. match five plus bonus.

You have been approved for over two months to claim a total sum of One Million United States Dollars, credited to file GOLDEN/9GM/327752.

Sincerely yours,
Elizabeth Lyons
Mega Millions International Lottery
International claims agent.

Email sender: Netflix ([email protected])
Email title: Your netflix subscription is expiring.

Dear customer,
We tried to renew your subscription at the end of each billing cycle, but your monthly payment has failed. We therefore had to cancel your subscription. Obviously, we would love to see you again. If you wish to renew your subscription.

Questions? Call 1-844-505-2993

Email sender: [email protected]
Email title: RE:

You have a donation, i won the America lottery worth 40 million U.S Dollars in America and decided to donate a portion of it to five lucky people and charity homes in memory of my late wife who died of cancer. Contact me for more details at: [email protected]

Email sender: [email protected]
Email title: PayPal order confirmed

Dear customer,
Thank you for placing an order with PayPal. You authorised a payment of $999.00 USD.
Order Id : 788INS3151465
Order Date: Sept. 26, 2022
Product Name: Apple iPhone 14 Plus 6.7 Inch Dis. 256GB
Product Price - $999.00 USD
Shipment Details: To Be Shipped in 3 days
Please allow 24-48 hours for this transaction to appear in your account and if you need any assistance with this order, please reach us 24x7.
If you think you haven’t placed this order or it’s a mistake, please call us immediately on +1((808)755-6572
and speak with customer care to help you fix this.
Thank You.
PayPal Inc USA
Phone: +1((808)755-6572
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Email sender: Kristalina Georgieva [email protected]
Email title: Scam Compensations


We have been mandated to compensate all scam victims within Europe, America and Asia with the sum of $950,000 each and your email address was found in the scam victim’s list. Therefore, if you’re truly a victim of scam you have to send the following information below:

Your full name…
Your contact address…
Your direct phone number…
Your valid identification…
Your age and sex…
Your occupation…
Your bank account details…

Upon receipt of the above information we shall proceed with the processing of payment.

Yours faithfully,
Kristalina Georgieva
Managing Director
International Monetary Fund (IMF).