Ski Pole Calling Me? / Prev Title: "Mysterious Number"

Scam Number: (260) 255-5969
Domain Used: (N/A)
Extra Info: Called me earlier but was busy. Called it back and robot says “Call Rejected” - No Voicemail/TXT msg left.
Couldn’t find anything.

Found the number here

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Tf is a alleged company particularly them calling me for? Hopefully they call back, probably some asshole is using my VoIP number in their booking… or something lol!

When I entered the link, it redirected me here:

Search bar, shortened link version? Top right different #. Nowhere on the website does it say the calling #.
More Importantly, why when I call it the robot says the call has been rejected? Weird, no? Maybe Impersonators/Spoofed number lol idk. @AmarS