Silence on the other end

Hey guys. I’ve been attempting to call scammers all day long but all I’ve got are scammers whose numbers ring forever or scammers who stay silent after picking up the call. I’m using FireRTC. Am I doing something wrong?

@SafinWasi#11553 Change your number on FireRTC and see if that helps

@SafinWasi#11553 It happens. Usually, this means that the number is blocked on FireRTC (despite no recording saying that your number is blocked) and attempting to call the number on another VoIP like Hangouts will work.

@Flinty94#11554 Doesn't have to do with the phone number lol. It's possible to do a reverse check of the telecom/SIP provider and if it's in the block list the call would not go through and there would be an error message.

@iCe#11598 thanks for the reply. However,now FireRTC is just stuck on initializing. Are you also facing this?

It does that alot for me too. Just reload the page and everything should be fine.