Sign up temporarily disabled

Scammers creates accounts using Amazon web server and their own computer. They use random or temp emails and we clean them up every day. So Thunder, our forum administrators disabled the sign up form so scammers can’t post here anymore. That is a good and bad thing. The good thing is the scammers can’t create accounts here. The bad thing is just the new users who wants to join us. It’s just the pros and cons. The forum administrators clean up accounts every day, (It seem there are only three of them.) So please, If you want to sign up, wait, scam bait, and send us your VM. We are currently working on this issue. Thank you for your patience.

[“To All scammers, You ruined the sign up process.”,“Sign up temporarily disabled”]

I feel this should get the announcement tag.

@1337mathster#4939 Yep, even i am not the moderator here, I am well known. I don’t post videos to youtube or the scammers know what tatics i am using.

Who put the sign up button back up? and with a captha?

Scammers know how to solve a captha.

We can give them a little quiz at what is cmd and tree command.

@thunder This forum…

Scammers are so badly signing up here

TheLball Unconfirmed