Shut this scam

Scammer’s Number: (805) 852-7204)
Domains Used: Landscape Design Architecture
Extra Info: Crypto scam, scammers using same number

i just call them and they said some concern team will call me back :rofl: going to have a lot of fun wasting their time and energy

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I just got off the phone with “Eric”. He’s triggered. I’m going to call him back from a different number. :grin:

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2:01 pm Central, I called 805 852 7204 and I got the TextNow message machine. Damn, I wanted to give 'em hell.

It looks like their website has been taken down already because I clicked the link and I got the 404 Not Found error.

Yes i did it already, Thanks for the support keep going…

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Thanks for havin’ the site takin’ down! These criminals really chap my sorry scrawny ass!