Show off your computer!

This is a thread where you can show off your computer specs!

Download the PerformanceTest software and benchmark your computer, you can generate a signature image from this by submitting your baseline and following the URL.

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Here are my computer specs:

I have the worst pc in history lol

i got it for $254.99

i thinks its ok for the price

I didn’t know that I wasted $1000 on a shitty computer. ?

Too lazy to teardown the computer so found an image online:

![image dell-xps-13-9343-disassembly-6jpg.jpeg](

I’m beating you all…Top notch super PC ?

I’ve just upgraded my Processor to the i7 4790K, though for some reason the benchmark software won’t work anymore so I can’t update my signature!

![image the-worst-work-stations-ever-640-21jpg.jpeg](

@russell#1095 people ask me all time, George, how do I get my idea in front of companies… call my friends at Invent Help

![image computer-setupjpg.jpeg](

@TomCloud#1099 people ask me all time, George, how do I get my idea in front of companies… call my friends at Invent Help

PassMark Software - Display Baseline ID# 759176

This is a laptop that is being upgraded one piece at a time.

HP Model 4430s Probook 3 years old at this time.

Also if you want I'll repost the results when I install the Core i7-3630QM I'm ordering. Because running a VM has been problematic to say the least hahaha

I don’t know if I can get attatch to work here, but I have

lanbox case
Intel 4790k
Nvidia 980 evga classified
16gb ddr3
250gb ssd

@Forsaken#1118 Looks dusty lol

I think this could also be a good entry in to the call, especially if you are unsure what the scam is about. Just pretend you bought some google play cards and you are looking for “random name”. They will all jump at the opportunity, but then let them guess the secret word.

This thing was blazing fast when I bought it November 2012. Still working but that RAM is bottlenecking me. CPU works fine even for video editing, Graphics is fine as I dont do any gaming on this pc.
PassMark Benchmark Rating: 3247
Intel Core i7-2600 @ 3.40GHz
Radeon HD 5750

Mine is pretty recent, which is not that good for scambaiting. After all, a ryzen 5 2600x (6 core /12 thread) is not likely going to be paired with windows XP or 7, so Im running W10 in the VM.

The rest is invisible to the scammers but its also got
16 GB DDR4 3200
1070 GTX
1 TB Sata SSD

To be honest, Im more interested in seeing your VMs than your actual machines.

My VM is weak-- I need to upgrade a couple things

PassMark Software - Display Baseline ID# 1219216

(My PassMark information is fake for the model #, graphics card, & Hard Drive)

PassMark Benchmark Rating: 2218 (CPU 6232, 2D graphics 453, 3D N/A, Memory 1170, Disk 896)

4 of the 8 cores of my Intel Core i7-2600 @ 3.40GHz (this is why my score was not

2 of the 8 GB of RAM (need to upgrade)

64 MB virtual emory allocated to VirtualBox (need to change settings)