Should I use a VPN while scambaiting?

Got pretty much everything set up to start scambaiting, but I am a little paranoid that they will track my IP, should I use a VPN? If so which do you recommend? I’m pretty broke fyi, so budget or free options would be very appreciated.

I don’t use my VM that much anymore when I scambait. So I usually use Windscribe if I do and the have a free version. Never had any issues with it.

Alright, thanks.

A bit of paranoid behaviour never hurts when dealing with hurtful people. You can assume that scammers won’t hesitate to publish / extort any information they can get on you like if you were a legit victim who started doubting them.
I wouldn’t recommend a single service (no company paid me to do so yet) but I will strongly recommend having the VM Internet access go through something that will make getting your real IP and thus likely your country of origin much harder. I won’t recommend Windscribe or any similar ones through as they modify the content and thus might tip some scammers off when they see no ads on pages without any Adblock on the browser. Plus you might run into the issue of scam popups being actually caught by the Adblock :laughing:

well, although these critters don’t appear to be I.T. experts when featured in Mr Browning’s videos, it doesn’t mean they don’t have access to experts. because of the risk of them having experts, i aren’t going ‘live’ with my baiting rig until i have the VPN in place.

dunno which to choose yet, but i quite like the sound of NordVPN’s double-vpn feature, where the ip you pipe everything to isn’t the final exit IP.