Should i Run a Youtube Channel Based Around scambaiting?

so. ive Had the idea for awhile to Start a YT channel Just for scambaiting. but i thought. are people interested in this scambaiting still? i need a Opinion from a few people cause i dont know where to go from here. if in the event that You say yes i should. My Youtube is Ventiix. i have 300 subs and im Kinda new to it. so Reply what you think i should do Thanks!


Go for it. I have been streaming scambaiting for the past couple days and its alot of fun.

Scambaiting seems to be popular still.

I've been going over some Youtube channels recently - one video was pretty funny. The guy had a dedicated Win XP VM ("Windows 9") with tons of XP-like features.

Comic sans all over the place, desktop animations (dancing thingies on the taskbar), fake AVs installed, tons of spam and popups, and an NSFW surprise for the scammer.

I am not related to this channel in any way, I just found the nostalgic "everything that's wrong with users" set-up hilarious.

It will be popular when they ever try to even use my VM.

Go for it. It would be funny to see others annoy scammers.

@FatSecurity#5023 said something like NSFW surprise for the scammer.

What is NSFW

@Jnteamed#5146 nsfw = not safe for work

For example, meatspin/last measure/other shock sites.

Anyone know any good scambaiting channel names???

@JesusInfectedMyPC#5159 JaybeeTv and Scammer Hotline

@scraps210#5160 i mean to create a channel for scambaiting.

@JesusInfectedMyPC#5161 4FlagKey? lol or the username you have.

@scraps210#5162 koobface


@Jnteamed#5146 Not Safe For Work - there’s an unpleasant image that pops up when the scammer clicks something on the bait VM.

Edit: this is in regards to the specific video I posted