ShivaTheScamDestroyer's Scambaiting Tutorials

@ShivaTheScamDestroyer has been kind enough to take the time to create these high-quality and well written PDF tutorials. There are two total, one is for creating a disguised virtual machine and another for configuring a virtual audio cable application (VAC) for use with Discord voice chat (and other applications which accept audio input).

I am simply posting these on behalf of him, with his permission of course.

All credit goes to him, I hope you find them helpful. Don't for forget to thank @ShivaTheScamDestroyer if they were!

Link to download of folder containing both PDF tutorials:!ZLonXCoa!y2JCbqelGMv4_yKHmpVbPQ


@Norm_Harrison#89572 Thanks for uploading these. :slight_smile:

@Norm_Harrison#89572 Is there any alternative to FireRTC as it is not available and doesn’t look like it will ever be available again.

@9r0V01c3#91081 Really? I used it just the other day…

you could try textnow, google, skype or x-lite

Thanks for this post and thanks @ShivaTheScamDestroyer#91369 for this :slight_smile: